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Awards & Reviews

C.K. from Petaluma, CA

Great Pizza, warm service, and always satisfying
They still make a really, really good Pizza. Reminds me of a good Chicago or New York pizza--far from the product of the chains. The sauce, crust, cheese and toppings are all nearly perfect. We have to call our order in advance to have time to make from our work place in Southern Napa and back within our lunch hour, but always well worth the effort.

- C.K. from Petaluma, CA


I always have high expectations for a new pizza place.  I hope, beyond hope, that this will be the one, the place that has good NY style pizza...After an afternoon at Six Flags, we decided to stop for dinner.  I whipped my Treo and looked for a place on Yelp, of course.  Reviews looked good, so off we went in search of Napoli.

We found it easily, and parked in the side lot.  There were a good amount of cars in the lot, and only a few open tables as we walked in.
I was greeted by a "ey, ow you doin'?', another good sign.  You see, the pizzamen of Napoli are ...real live Italians! 

The pizza arrived and to our great surprise, did not disappoint.  I would have liked the crust a tad more done, but that's easily remedied next visit...

So, why the 5 star rating?  Simply put, the pizza.  It's as close to my beloved NY pizza as I've found.  While I'm not sure I would drive here from Walnut Creek just to pick up a pie, I may have to find more reasons to come to Vallejo.

If you live within 1/2 hour of here, or just want to try a really good NY style pizza, this is the place to go.  If they were in Berkeley or SF, the line would be out the door.

24 hours later, I just ate the last slice from the leftovers, and I actually gazed up at the clock to see if I could make it up to Vallejo by 11PM and get some more.

Verrrrry delicious.  I ordered a 12" healthy pizza to go with garlic bread.  The crust of the pizza is soft, but gives a crunch.  Yummy mozzarella cheese, artichokes, and fresh tomatoes -- a perfect combination.  I would definitely order this again.


Super friendly, fast, great pizza and wings and a Vallejo stalwart. I fully recommend Napoli for pizza in the "V".

The crust, sauce, their choice of toppings, all delicious. Family owned, great people and service. Best pizza in the bay area hands down. 

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