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Vallejo's very best pizza, hands down. No ifs, ands, or buts (but you'll likely get a big butt if you eat here too often, though I wouldn't blame you.) This pizza joint has been in Vallejo ever since I was on the formula and wayyy before that as well. They've been around since 1956, apparently. That means they were around since Vallejo was in it's heyday. Can you imagine that? VALLEJO in it's heyday? Nonetheless, these guys probably have one of the most longest and reliable reps in Vallejo. That's not without reason either. They serve up the best pie in town. Ingredients are fresh and they have one of the tastiest doughs I've tasted. This isn't just some commercial Dominos or (even worse) Little Caesars either. They actually put time and love into their pizza-making efforts. The result is pizza that is pretty unforgettable. I usually like pepperoni and mushroom, but I'm always a sucker for a slice of Hawaiian also. The service? Fast and friendly. Whether it's take-out or dining it, your food always comes out in a very reasonable amount of time. Orders and serving is always done with a smile as well. This makes for an all around awesome dining experience. Can't beat it. I love Napoli! I'm glad that Vallejo has a joint like this. Old school and not going anywhere any time soon.

- Eric

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