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Letter Writing Contest Winner

The Guerrera Family and the Staff at Napoli Pizzeria wish to express their gratitude to those who entered the Napoli Pizzeria 40th Anniversary Letter Writing Contest.  The writing was excellent and thoughtful and many expressed themselves in a way that evoked feelings of nostalgia, coziness and warmth.

It was no easy task to choose a winner.  The staff went back and forth among the top 3 choices trying to convince and cajole and lean on each other to get the vote to go their way.  I sat at the coffee table with Dad (Tony) and Mom (Jean) sharing, discussing, laughing, and remembering, through your words, the history of Napoli Pizzeria.  Mostly we found ourselves appreciating our very loyal customers.  We hope to continue to provide this setting to you for many years to come.

Anthony Guerrera

Napoli Pizzeria

Without Further ado the winners:

1st Place:  Jill Clouse

2nd Place:  Margaret Buis

3rd Place:  Sharon Babot


Click here to read the winning entries!



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