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Awards & Reviews

Maria R.

WOW! Unbelievable! Terrific service over the phone and went to pick up the pizza and ended up buying more stuff, quick service and very friendly staff! I liked it and the pizza was outstanding!!

- Maria R.

This is the best in the neighborhood!  Napoli's pizza always hits the spot.  My favorite pizza is the Super, that comes with sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and olives.  I love this pizza!!  The pastas are on hit too.... if you are in the area and are looking for a great pizza?  Go to Napoli's!

Kari L. The food at Napoli Pizzeria & Italian Food is incredible. Some friends of mine and I ordered takeout. We ordered ravioli and meatballs. Each bite was full of flavor, it was magnificent.
- Kari L.

H. S.

I've been eating here since the early 80's. I've met Antonio (Tony) G, the original owner, his sons and most of the wait staff. They are truly awesome people.

The food...can't say enough about the food. I go at least once every couple of weeks when I'm in town. I would compare their pizza to any and all pizza places I've been to (San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, New York) and I'll tell you that this is the place that I'd recommend for pizza in Vallejo.

- H. S.

Jane A. We had lunch here two Saturdays ago. They have a parking lot. The restaurant is typical for a family run pizza place, nice booths, open kitchen, and did I mention the Ms Pac Man table game?

We walked in and as I started up at the pizza pans stuck above the kitchen to let everyone know how small a small is...a tear came to my was like being back on the east coast. The waitress finally told us we could sit anywhere - she must have seen the dazed look in my eye. We sat down ordered a medium pizza, salad, and a half ravioli to share as an appetizer.

One star because the salad had tons of stuff in it even salami and they gave us garlic bread to go with our half ravioli (and I am not talking about a wedge I am talking several 6*2 slices of garlic bread)

One star for the pizza which was great and still good cold the next day

Two stars for the ravioli which was prepared perfectly! It was not rubbery but soft and the pasta skin was light and allowed you to taste the filling which was heavenly! It was the best ravioli I have had in a long time! I dreamed about the goodness of this ravioli for the entire week after.

I had to go back and have more!!

Also our waitress was refilled our drinks almost as she was reading my mind. She was great and added to this wonderful meal. She gets five stars for stellar service!! But I can only give five stars total...

While eating we saw people greet each other, some had gone to high school with each other and sat down together for a meal, families trickled in and kids were fighting over Ms Pac Man. It was wonderful. Yet another Vallejo find!
- Jane A.

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